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Hey I get it,

You’re a busy & successful entrepreneur, you’re creative and passionate!

You know your stuff!!

When you started out it was easy to do it all, but now that business is growing and you’re super busy (YAY for success!!!) it’s getting hard to keep juggling, yet you’ve been juggling for so long you don’t even know how to stop – I totally get you, I’ve been there – you’re stressed, overwhelmed, you have no time for your family and most of all, you’re worried that if you step away all of your hard work will come crumbling down or even worst your family will have to take the back burner.

I’m here to tell you that this is simply not true

My name is Stephanie Coradin, your Systems Strategist, let me tell you… your business  can run smoothly without driving you crazy, and together we can set-up systems to allow you to step away from the day-to-day administrative operations of your business and have more space to focus on creating and the continued growth of your business without sacrificing time for yourself and/or with family.

I’ll show you how!!

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December 6, 2013Phew!!! It’s been a busy few months and I haven’t reached out in a while but that’s because I’ve been busy busy busy 🙂 It’s December and I figured I’d take the opportunity to help a few of you get it together; and by “it” I mean your business…getting your business structured, organized with a
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June 11, 2013Have you ever had the thought that things are not going the way you thought they would in your business? I mean your super busy and making great money, but whatever happened to the picture of freedom and flexibility you had when you first started? Starting and running a small business is hard work. You’re
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June 3, 2013To maintain an efficient business you have to keep improving and updating your administrative systems so that they grow with you and your business needs. Here are a few reasons why your business *needs* strong administrative systems: Easily find contact info Quickly and efficiently respond to clients’ requests Keep track of business finances Follow-up Finesse
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May 26, 2013Have you ever had the client who just wanted everything their way and you just felt drained? If you haven’t I’m sure you want to avoid the experience. The simple reason for issues like these is that you didn’t set proper ground rules from the get go!! An extensive intake process tells the client EXACTLY
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November 8, 2012My second productivity tool is DROPBOX is great for Attorneys who like to keep things simple, I advise my clients to save everything they have on their computer on 1 or 2 external drives for backup and in Dropbox for accessibility. With the new encryptions it is very safe to use, confidential files are secure
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