Evernote – Productivity Tool

by Stephanie on November 7, 2012

For the next few days I’ve decided to talk about cloud computing productivity tools for you busy Immigration Attorneys out there, I know we use LawLogix, INSZOOM and a few other Case Management systems to create/file forms and track billing and these are necessary, but for the simpler (yet very important) practice management tasks you may need productivity tools to help keep you on track!

First up is EVERNOTE this is an all in one productivity tool anything from calendar and Immigration case management to creating notebooks, to do list and even scanning receipts to create/maintain expense reports. Evernote can literally bundle all of your administrative loose ends in one area to keep you on track! If you haven’t check Evernote out and let me know what you think…also if you would like to see a quick tutorial on how to use Evernote let me know!

Check back for my next productivity tool pick!

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