5 Steps to a Killer Intake Process

by Stephanie May 26, 2013

Have you ever had the client who just wanted everything their way and you just felt drained? If you haven’t I’m sure you want to avoid the experience. The simple reason for issues like these is that you didn’t set proper ground rules from the get go!! An extensive intake process tells the client EXACTLY […]

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Dropbox – Productivity Tool

by Stephanie November 8, 2012

My second productivity tool is DROPBOX is great for Attorneys who like to keep things simple, I advise my clients to save everything they have on their computer on 1 or 2 external drives for backup and in Dropbox for accessibility. With the new encryptions it is very safe to use, confidential files are secure […]

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Evernote – Productivity Tool

by Stephanie November 7, 2012

For the next few days I’ve decided to talk about cloud computing productivity tools for you busy Immigration Attorneys out there, I know we use LawLogix, INSZOOM and a few other Case Management systems to create/file forms and track billing and these are necessary, but for the simpler (yet very important) practice management tasks you […]

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