3 Tips to Strong Administrative Systems

by Stephanie on June 3, 2013

To maintain an efficient business you have to keep improving and updating your administrative systems so that they grow with you and your business needs.
Here are a few reasons why your business *needs* strong administrative systems:

  • Easily find contact info
  • Quickly and efficiently respond to clients’ requests
  • Keep track of business finances
  • Follow-up Finesse
  • Project management

Now that you know Administrative Systems are important, let me give you a few tips on maintaining structure.

Tip # 1 Create and maintain a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) guide.

It is imperative that you have all your procedures/systems written down in one (1) place, that way if you partner with someone to help you on a specific project you can rest assured that they know exactly how you want it done. SOPs are also important because if your Administrative Specialist is out you can take care of your own business or get someone else to do the work without any downtime. N.B. Your SOP guide should be written in plain language to avoid any and all confusions. Your Guide should get updated at least once every 3 to 6 months depending on how quickly your business grows (your Admin Specialist can help)

Tip # 2 Reports are a business owner’s best friend

You should have reports running on everything profitable in your business. For example I run a monthly accomplishments report for my clients – This tells me how much work I’ve done for each client for the month and it also shows the client the value I bring to their business. Run internal reports to keep track of business productivity, profits and to find any errors/issues right away!

Tip # 3 Do what you do best and delegate the rest.

Only do those things that only you can do – delegating will take you out of a place of overwhelm and into a more productive place in your business. When I start working with a new client here is a system I use: I ask them to keep a diary of everything they do for a week or two (or if they are really good they can just make me a comprehensive list) and then send it to me so that I can analyze where they are spending their time, this allows me to tell them exactly what needs to be delegated so that they can concentrate on generating income.

Following these tips will keep your business focused and organized for continuous growth!

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